Art Guidelines

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your artwork:
  • We accept submissions from Canadians and non-Canadians.
  • We accept both existing art and proposals. Note that if you're sending in a sketch for a proposal, we still require an example of your colour work.
  • We only accept JPG files through Submittable.
  • Please include ONLY pre-existing works in colour as we print the cover in colour.
  • Include your website--we can take a look of other examples of your work.
  • We pay $400 for cover art (both pre-existing and original), plus $50 for interior art.
  • The artist owns their artwork--we only license the artwork as part of the front cover and interior of an issue.
These are important requirements we keep in mind when we look at examples of your work:
  • Our cover dimensions are 5.25 width by 8 height in inches (note that images can be scaled down to a similar ratio).
  • We incorporate the following: the On Spec logo, price and other information in an upper corner and the contributor's names.

If we feel your work fits as a cover, we will contact you to discuss using an existing artwork OR commissioning an original for the magazine. If the work appears to be unsuitable, we will likely let you know. Otherwise, we'll keep your information on file for future reference. 

On Spec Magazine